Simphiwe MBUNYUZA | Ezakwantu

  • Simphiwe MBUNYUZA | Ezakwantu
  • Simphiwe MBUNYUZA | Ezakwantu

Grès noir and coloured engobes and glaze
25cm L x 25cm W x 18cm H

Simphiwe MBUNYUZA (South Africa)
Simphiwe has obtained a BTech degree in Fine Art at Walter Sisulu University, in East London (South Africa) with a couple of excellency awards in Ceramics. He has exhibited nationally and internationally. He grew up in a village called Mambendeni. His work involves relationships and interactions between African cultural symbolism and cultural day to day objects used by African communities particularly the Xhosa and Bantu speaking people. Through his observations, he selects some elements from these cultural groups and incorporate them in ceramic creations. His work portrays the values and the importance of these historical and present cultural aspects.