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Image of Anetta SIDOROWICZ | "Pitfire II"

Anetta SIDOROWICZ | "Pitfire II"


Stoneware/ Grès
Pitfire / Cuisson au bois
approx. 16cm high x 14cm diameter / approx. 16cm de haut x 14cm de diamètre

Anetta was born in Poland and currently lives in Canada. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in ceramics from Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary. She is a full time Ceramic Artist working out of her studio located in Lake Country BC, Canada. The graceful texture and fluency of porcelain provide the basis of her studio work. Anetta has travelled extensively to explore ancient and contemporary ceramics. She organises ceramic workshops, notably with reputable Spanish artist Alberto Bustos. Anetta has exhibited her work internationally, including Greece, Canada, USA. 
IG @turiyathefourth 
Née en Pologne, Anetta est une artiste canadienne diplômée en Céramique et Beaux-Arts. Elle travaille dans son propre studio en Colombie Britannique. Anetta a beaucoup voyagé pour explorer les céramiques anciennes et contemporaines. Elle a organisé des ateliers de céramique avec le célèbre artiste espagnol Alberto Bustos. Anetta a exposé ses œuvres dans le monde entier, y compris en Grèce, au Canada et aux États-Unis. 
IG @turiyathefourth 

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